Meet the Hikers : Linda and Diana (and we-couldn’t-do- it-without-you Mel)

July 4: Sonoma County
Meet the Hikers : Linda and Diana (and we-couldn’t-do-it-without-you Mel)

Linda Hanes is a 63-year old, retired librarian from Sebastopol. Linda has been active in Coastwalk for many years and currently is President. Motivations: “To experience the extent and varied content of this trail, which will someday be regarded as one of the most spectacular long-distance trails in the world…” Reservations: “I fear that I am forgetting some important detail, and that the weather will be terrible and I’ll be cold and wet for days on end; as co-organizer, I fantasize that we won’t raise enough money and the shortfall will have to come out of my pocket.”

Diana Savage, 60, is substitute teacher from Orange. She is “on-site leader” on this hike and has been a county leader for Coastwalks in Orange County for a number of years. Motivations: “I want to show that you set a goal and go for it no matter what age you are. I am also doing the walk to help completion of the CCT (California Coastal Trail) so that more people can enjoy California’s coastline. Reservations: “112 days is a lot of togetherness! We will have to make an extra effort to be polite and get along.”

Husband Mel, a retired peace-officer, will drive the support vehicle, the Melmobile, for the entire trip!