Help Complete the California Coastal Trail

Conservation and trails go hand in hand for many hikers. Most people hike both for health and to enjoy nature. To have pleasant places to hike, we must work to protect the environment. California is continually assaulted by development threats. Many elected officials seek office to support growth forces while others run to protect natural values. To support the Coastal Trail and the California environment, ask your candidates and officials these important questions:

  • Will they support adequate funding for parks and trails?
  • Will they fight development in sensitive habitats and open space?
  • Will they support acquisition of parks, natural lands and open space?
  • Will they make parks, open space and trails a part of approved growth projects?

Government cannot do it alone. Hundreds of organizations advocate for parks and recreation users. Support groups that help parks, develop urban parks and greenways, and protect habitat, plants and wildlife.

Other ways you can help complete the CCT:

  • Tell your friends and co-workers about the CCT or share this website with them.
  • Contact your state legislators and officials and tell them you think it’s high time the CCT be completed and clearly signed.
  • Talk to park rangers and tell them you care about the CCT.
  • Volunteer for trail building and maintenance projects on the CCT.
  • Organize some friends and spend a day picking up litter along the CCT.
  • Support a coastal land trust and tell them you want to see completion of the CCT become one of their priorities.
  • Become aware of and involved in coastal issues that threaten the natural splendor of California’s coast.
  • Contact your congressional representatives and tell them you want California’s coastal military bases to allow the CCT along their shorelines. Whenever such bases are decommissioned, work to insure that the new land use includes a route for the CCT.
  • Sign up for a Coastwalk along the CCT. Coastwalk leads CCT hikes every summer in each of California’s fifteen coastal counties.
  • Take a friend on a hike along the California Coastal Trail.

To support completion of the CCT or get information on trail and conservation groups, contact Coastwalk on the web at