Meet the Hikers: Ginny, Janette, Jean & Max

September 11: Orange County Meet the Hikers: Ginny, Janette, Jean & Max

Virginia “Ginny” Gregurek , 40, lives in Orange. Ginny walked, did weight training, and stepped up her yoga practice to prepare for the event. She hopes CTE 03 will raise awareness of the CCT, will “let people know that California’s beautiful coastline is open to everyone and that the admission is free.”

Janette Heartwood, 65, is from Laguna Beach. Officially a retired architect, Janette still does some design work. Here motavations for theis trip are: “To celebrate my 65th birthday with a personal effort that while safe for me, will offer challenges physically, mentally and logistically”. She is impressed with the dedication, maturity and enthusiasm of the hikers and considers herself fortunate to be included. Past experiences with the Sierra Club and a fitness program with a personal trainer has prepared her for the undertaking, she feels. Jean Kenna and Max Stein are from Moreno Valley, in San Bernadino county. Jean is 65, and Max will be celebrating his 66th birthday on the hike. They have been together for 5 years. Max is retired from GTE telephone and Jean is retired after 20 years of working with the blind. Both joined for the challenge, have been on Coastwalks before, and neither has any reservations except for the rigors of planning and packing for such a long trek.

Left: Ginny crossing the Guadelupe River (Aug. 17). Right Janette at start of hike. 
Above: Jean and Max on the Balboa promenade (Sept. 11).