Completing the Trail Website

Coastwalk believes that through stewardship of the California Coast, people find a balance between their profound need to experience the coast and the need to preserve its fragile environment.  We are a grassroots non-profit organization that inspires, educates, and advocates for both coastal protection and responsible public access. We create a community of coastal stewards through our unique guided coastal hiking experiences, providing Trail information, and our work to complete and sustain the California Coastal Trail.

We would love to work with other coastal stewards to further our work of providing a comprehensive online resource for California Coastal Trail users that is easy to use and valuable for all types of users from thru-hikers to beach-goers to day-hikers.

In the the late 1990s a group of hikers and geeks spent untold hours mapping the coast, gathering data on over 1000 points of interest and 400 trail sections, and taking over 2000 images. Using their skills and data, they built the first website as (now offline and incorporated into this new site). With time, the people running the site changed, and the code base got old.

To preserve, maintain, and build upon this amazing resource, CoastWalk California has collaborated with Bracia:., a local web design agency, to rebuild it into the site you see today, through a grant from the California Coastal Conservancy.

With the funds, we were able to build a modern framework using WordPress and ArcGIS to make a user friendly website and migrate a portion of the data.

With CoastWalk California and Ben Klocek from Bracia:. both located in Sonoma County and having many miles of experience in the Sonoma coastal trails, we focused on creating a full website experience for Sonoma County.

Please check out our completed Sonoma County California Coastal Trail Resource here.

Call to Action

We are looking for interested parties to provide funding and boots-on-the-ground confirmation of our data so that we can complete the experience you see in Sonoma Country with the other 13 coastal counties.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in participating.