Laundry, Reading and Writing

July 11: Marin County
Laundry, Reading and Writing

Today is our layover day. We are staying at the Olema Campground, a private campground, in a lovely grove of pine trees. Joining us for our stay here are Pat and Judy Ward and Dick and Susan Pamzica, who will be preparing our dinners while we are here. Pat is a Coastwalk board member and the state registrar for Coastwalk’s summer hikes.

Last night we were privileged to have a visit from Carlos Porrata, ranger at Tomales Bay State Park and a long time friend of Coastwalk. Carlos came from his native Puerto Rico at age 19 with, as he related, $200 and a suitcase. Later, and now carrying Master’s degree in psychotherapy, he began taking troubled youth on outdoor excursions and realized that what he wanted to be was a park ranger. It’s now more than 26 years later, and Carlos is one of the premier rangers in the State Park system; he’s been at Tomales Bay for 23 years. My wife remembers taking our daughter many years ago to hear Carlos do interpretative talks on Native American Indian customs. Carlos relates that he has worked with school kids who have returned as teachers with another generation of school kids in tow. Coastwalk has been honored to have known and worked with Carlos over the years, and Carlos is now an honorary member of the Coastal Trail Expedition.

Layover day means rest, and each of us attacked the day in our own way. I went home to return to the coast in Sonoma County to greet the Sonoma Coastwalk hikers. Linda, Diana, Steve, Janette, Ginny and Steve stayed in camp doing laundry, reading and writing. Max and Jean went with Max’s brother to Novato for sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Julie took the bus to Fairfax and San Anselmo. (Jon Breyfogle; photos, Linda Hanes. Left: Dick Pamzica, right: Pat Ward.)

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