Layover Day, Santa Cruz Hostel

July 26, Santa Cruz County
Layover Day, Santa Cruz

It’s fun to layover in towns or cities. We can easily do our laundry and sundry shopping as well as some sightseeing. So most of us went to what was billed as a new laundry/expresso/internet café place, not far from the hostel, and just around the corner from the Saturn Café. The Saturn Café is vegetarian, with clientele leaning toward tattoos, peace signs, and casual dining. It featured “impeach Bush” fries, which, by the way, are really good. (I returned later for supper, and can speak from experience). It wasn’t Mel’s scene, so we didn’t eat breakfast there, but found an alternative further out of town. 
Later in the day, two of us treated ourselves to a spa treatment, hot tub and massage. Others went shopping, or found the library to catch up on email, or went to a film, or hit the boardwalk. Janette revisited a virtual reality place she remembered from past experience, but it was changed! This time she wore a vest, and not only could shoot virtual gunfire, but could be shot at!
The Santa Cruz Hostel is centrally located, within a few blocks of the Boardwalk, Front Street and the center of town for Saturday night fun. So, we all had a relaxing day and are prepared for Sunday’s Wharf-to-Wharf Race experience. (Linda Hanes. Photos: Linda Hanes)

Top: the group sentiment expressed on Expedition member Steve Jones’ daypack.
Left: Deserted beach at the Santa Cruz wharf.  Right: Grand Ballroom built in 1907, now full of arcade games.

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