Meet the Hikers: Jon and J

July 11: Marin County
Meet the Hikers : Jon and J

Jon Breyfogle, 57, is a land surveyor from Penngrove and is serving his second stint as a Coastwalk Board member. He also pens (laptops?) the daily journal notes.  Motivations: I love the idea of large personal statements of pushing the envelope of the reasonable. Wanting to do the 1996 Whole Hike, Jon’s business would not allow him to take the necessary time off. He says, “Now I’ve reached a point where I don’t have that many years left to do this sort of thing”. Reservations: I’m kidding myself and will physically break down. I’ve also worried that the group of hikers will be personally incompatible and we won’t get along, although he states that he’s reassured somewhat after meeting all of the hikers at their preliminary meetings.

Wallace J. Nichols, 35, lives in Davenport with his wife and young child. Since 1989, J has devoted himself to the investigation and conservation of endangered marine species. J is the co-founder and Director of Wildcoast, an international conservation team dedicated to marine protection and education. He also is Vice-Chair of the IUCN (World Conservation Union) Sea Turtle Specialist Group – Eastern Pacific Region. He also founded and directs the Sea Turtle Conservation Network of the Californians and is a Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

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