Parque Culiacan

Point Details

Nearest Town: Parque Culiacan
Location: 26th and Manhattan Avenue MB, 50 yds west of bike path

Nearest Milepost
Mile Number:

33.893822602224, -118.4157828238 ↗

Trail Section


Strand (walking); bike trail north/south; LA County Lifeguard Operations & Training Center (restrooms, water, telephones); MB Strand Par Course, Russ and Charlotte, 50 yards east of bicycle path; basketball court; grassy area.


  • Bike Path
  • CCC Access Point
  • Entrance or Parking Fee
  • Fishing
  • Parking
  • Prominent Man Made Feature
  • Prominent Natural Feature
  • Restrooms
  • Stairs to Beach
  • Telephone
  • Viewpoint

Aerial Photo from California Coastal Records Project

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