Broad Beach Road access way to Trancas Beach (aka Broad Beach)

Point Details

Nearest Town: Western Malibu
Location: 31200 Broad Beach Road

Nearest Milepost
Route: BB Rd.
Mile Number: 1.07

34.034404238087, -118.8508474328 ↗

Trail Section


Street parking only, trash can; no other facilities. Trancas Beach homeowners have been aggressive in their efforts to keep out the public; nonetheless the beach is particularly good for strolling, swimming and sunning. Kayakers are frequently seen along with an occaisional fisherman. See posted map to learn exact locations of public areas on beach. Otherwise use is restricted to mean-high-tide-line.


  • Beach Trail
  • CCC Access Point
  • Other
  • Parking
  • Path to Beach
  • Stairs to Beach

Aerial Photo from California Coastal Records Project

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