Getting Started

June 1, 2003 – Del Norte

The Coastal Trail Expedition 2003 “steps off” June 3!  You’d never believe that taking a walk could be so complicated – and involve so many people and organizations.  Getting ten hikers to the Oregon border for a summer’s walk to Mexico has been a two year project for Coastwalk.  It celebrates the passage of California’s Senate Bill 908 mandating the California Coastal Trail and Coastwalk’’s 20th anniversary. 

To take our first step south with confidence meant building teams of volunteer helpers in each of California’s 15 coastal counties; people who have previously rounded up guides and dinner cooks our summer walks.  Coastwalk’s long association with California State Parks has paid off in a solid partnership and advance camping reservations.

For the length of the State, we know already that we will have a place to rest our trail-weary bones. 

For the past two years we have been working closely with the California Coastal Conservancy to implement SB 908.  Besides ongoing mapping and trail inventory projects, an outgrowth of this work is this website.

So, log on often, read our daily reports, and join us as we walk the California Coastal Trail.

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