Layover day or Foothill Road to Avila Beach

August 15, San Luis Obispo County Layover day or Foothill Road to Avila Beach. 10.8 miles

This was our scheduled layover day, but several of us felt that we needed to make the effort and statement of going around PG & E’s property at Diablo Canyon. To that end, we made a start yesterday and had knocked out about half the 20-mile distance. Today we “J, Mike, Diana, Linda, Steve and I” would take on the rest.
We again learned that days that appear to have no redeeming features at the start turn out to be worthwhile in the end. After we left the town of San Louis Obispo, we ran into Carl Jones of The Land Trust of San Louis Obispo. He and others were making last-minute preparations for a gala to commemorate their restoration of an octagonal barn situated near the road and listed as a historical landmark. We were invited to walk around inside it. Information about the barn and The Land Trust can be found at
Then, as we neared Avila Beach we came upon the new “Bob Jones City to the Sea Bike Trail”. This route took us off the frontage roads of Highway 101 and along the banks of San Luis Obispo Creek with its stately sycamores. After starting in fairly undeveloped country, the trail soon winds along the creek bank and new housing developments. Then it skirts the golf course of the Avila Beach Resort. A bike/hike/golf-cart bridge took us across the golf course and into the town of Avila Beach, where we ended the hike at the pier.
It had been a hot and tiring walk, so most of us repaired to the Avila Valley Hot Springs for a soothing dip in the sulfurous hot pool and the swimming pool. Some of us went straight to our lodging for warm showers, washing machine, and quiet.

(Jon Breyfogle; photos by Linda Hanes)

Top: Expedition member Ginny Gregurek at Morro Bay.
Left: Historic barn. Right: Expedition members visit Carl Jones at the barn.