Mendocino County: near Buckhorn Cove (MP 46.3) to Elk

June 29: Mendocino County
Mendocino County: near Buckhorn Cove (MP 46.3) to Elk. 12.2 miles

The day started at Van Damme State Park with very wet fog — anything left out overnight was soaked. Our dinner the night before was made by many members of the Durney Family from SonomaCounty led by head cook Si Durney (who doubled as head abalone hunter for our successful abalone feed). Si cooked every dinner for the initial 1983 Coastwalk and set a standard Coastwalk cooks have been striving for ever since.

Our walk began in the same fog of the night before. It being early on a Sunday morning, the traffic was relatively light on Highway 1.

By setting a moderate but constant pace, we found out just how far a pack of geezers can go (apologies to “J” and Ginny). By the middle of the morning we took a break after 4 miles, arriving at Navarro Point along side land now owned by the Mendocino Land Trust. Prior to that, we stopped to chat with Greg Benoit who drove by. Greg, with the Coastal Commission, has been working with Coastwalk on mapping aspects of the SB 908 report

Later we talked with Sophie Sutherland, long time Costwalk friend, and special friend to Coastwalk founders Tom and Vivian McFarling. Sophia gave us a seaweed and almond mix of her own making to nibble on along the way.

Once over the NavarroRiver — after Highway 128 has started inland, the traffic lightened up a bit. As Highway 1 approaches Elk, it skirts near the edge of the cliff tops allowing beautiful views of the water and rocks below. Later, seeing an Adopt-A-Highway sign for the Medical Marijuana Patient’s Union, we posed for pictures.

Entering Elk (formerly Greenwood), we grabbed a cup of coffee and some ice cream and drove to Manchester Beach State Park for our evening’s stay, arriving early at about 3.

Our so far trusty van has now developed a leak in the differential plug, and Mel will spend tomorrow trying to get this problem fixed.

(Jon Breyfogle; photos, Linda Hanes)