Hiker’s Guide

A Backpacker's Guide to the California Coastal Trail
A detailed guide to backpacking and supply availability on the northern and central portions of the CCT, by Bernie Krause; photos by Stacy and Bernie Krause

Through-Hiking the CCT
Thoughts on through-hiking the trail, ways to do it and basic essentials for a successful trip.

Hiking the Coast from Hostel to Hostel
Jessica Gauvreau provides notes on her 2008 walk of the CCT north to San Francisco with a day pack and hostel stays.

Experience the California coast!
Two men take an exploratory walk of the coastline from Oregon to San Francisco in 1995, by Dinesh Desai.

Impressions of the California Coastal Trail
Two experienced backpackers take on the CCT. Here are their impressions and photos--a walk in process, by Bernie Krause; photos by Stacy and Bernie Krause

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Hostels Along California’s Coast

May 1, 2000
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Coastal hostels offer a welcome alternative to campgrounds and hotels as you explore California’s Coastal Trail. Imagine brisk walks on the CCT while staying at a cozy, perhaps historic, hostel with an ocean view. Cook hot meals in a well-lit kitchen, sleep in a comfortable bed and meet friendly people from around the world. Each…

California’s Coastal Conservancy

May 1, 2000
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California’s Coastal Conservancy is a state agency that protects and improves coastal and San Francisco Bay natural resources and helps the public get to and enjoy the coast. It works in partnership with local governments, other public agencies, nonprofit organizations and private landowners. The Coastal Conservancy has undertaken more than 700 projects along California’s 1,100-mile…

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

May 1, 2000
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The 150,000-acre Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA), established in 1978, preserves the region’s unique ecosystems and rich cultural and natural history. This beautiful, diverse area, bounded by Mugu Lagoon and the Oxnard Plain on the west, Conejo Valley and San Fernando Valley on the north, and the coast on the south, reaches all…

Channel Islands National Park

May 1, 2000
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On clear days a tantalizing vision appears as you hike the Santa Barbara or Ventura coastline. Five islands comprising Channel Islands National Park rise from the blue Pacific Ocean, sparking curiosity about what’s out there. While the five islands lie between 10 and 40 miles across the sea, extensive information about the park dwells few…

The Case Against Shoreline Armoring

May 1, 2000
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Shoreline erosion occurs as a natural process. The planet’s surface shifts in a dynamic, ever changing interplay of wind, water and earth. This constant movement plays out most dramatically and rapidly on the shoreline, creating circumstances for disaster. Crashing waves, exposed geology, fresh air, sandy beaches, and vivid scenery attract millions of people to the…

Experience the California Coast! – A Pioneering Walk Along the California Coastal Trail

October 22, 1995
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By Dinesh Desai Bob and I are walking the lonely Mattole Road. It is about 1 P.M. and as we come close to the top of a small rise, Bob freezes and motions me to be quiet. No more than 100 ft. ahead on the road is a full-grown mountain lion.  He is staring at something…