Hiker’s Guide: Maps, Information and Links

A Backpacker’s Guide to the California Coastal Trail: A detailed guide to backpacking and supply availability on the northern and central portions of the CCT, by Bernie Krause; photos by Stacy and Bernie Krause

Hiking the Coast from Hostel to Hostel: Jessica Gauvreau provides notes on her 2008 walk of the CCT north to San Francisco with a day pack and hostel stays. 

Experience the California coast!: Two men take an exploratory walk of the coastline from Oregon to San Francisco in 1995, by Dinesh Desai.

Impressions of the California Coastal Trail: Two experienced backpackers take on the CCT. Here are their impressions and photos–a walk in process, by Bernie Krause; photos by Stacy and Bernie Krause 

Visit the World’s Best Coastal Trails: Notes and links gathered together by Coastwalk’s Executive, Richard Nichols

Other Useful Links